ECM Repair with AEM

ECM Repair with AEM was started as our flagship training program. The auto technology of 80s was simple mechanical and an illiterate roadside mechanic could diagnose problem area and repair the automobile. With the advent of IC based technology, the vehicle converted into a tech gadget with almost every function dependent on electronic circuit; be it fuel injection, a/c control, pollution control, hydraulics, braking, balancing, light management and many such functions.

Currently though we have more than 15 different training programs. Our trainees find our training program on Wiring and Key Programming has also received excellent feedback from our trainees.

Content of Course

The comprehensive training course covers following:
  • Knowledge of diagnostics tools such as scanners
  • Knowledge of ECB and components
  • Soldering and Desoldering of components on motherboard
  • Online tracking & Offline tracking
  • ECM data Read & Wirte using K-Tag
  • Key programming
  • Remote programming
  • Odometer repairing
  • Car Scanning using different types of scanners
  • Key Cutting using automatic, semi-automatic and manual key cutting machine